Bus Facts

Earlier on when Melkie and I first set out on this journey, I mentioned that I would tell you a little about the Barking Bus. It is a 16 passenger short bus body, mounted to a 2006 GMC Savana 3500. It has a 4.8 litre gas engine which gives us reasonable gas mileage and plenty of power to get us up some of those steep hills. On the roof there is 600 watts of solar collecting our energy which we store in 4 sealed batteries, 2 mounted over each rear wheel well. It works out to 20 amp service. Recently we added a secondary charging unit coming from alternator of bus, for those prolonged periods of overcast conditions. We cook and heat with propane,and our dash board holds a nice Bluetooth stereo with surround sound speakers so we can listen to those Dog gone blues... That kind of gives you an idea of what we got going on here in the Barking Bus. We will fill you in on some more details about the build of the Barking bus as we continue on our journey.

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