Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ive noticed that Melkie has posted a video of a porky, i think he was trying to be a smart azzz.
it was one year ago when Melkie and i were out on an adventure, when we came across a porky.
All was good untill Melkie left me there all alone to deal with this friendly critter. needless to say it did not turn out the way i expected.
just let me post a picture of the real story....

Yes, i know Funny as it may look i do still remember that day quite well.....

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday pictures


Today we woke up to the sun shining in our windows. It was absolutely perfect. We headed north along the north coast of New Brunswick and our fist stop was at Middle Island Irish Historical Park in Miramichi. This island is where Irish immigrants fled to when they were faced with the potato famine in their country. The Irish depended on the potato as a main food source. It was not uncommon for them to have potatoes three times a day.  When the potatoes became diseased, families all over Ireland were faced with famine.  With little or no money and no food they lined up at the shipyards to flee to a better land.  They were offered to bunk in the cavities of the ships hull, crammed in like cattle.  With no bedding, sanitation or fresh air a fatal fever soon took over and ravaged the journey. The ships headed to the nearest port in hopes of aid to relieve the sickness. If you want to read more about what happened to these people you can look here:
From there it's off to Bathurst the next major town along the way.  On our way to Bathurst we picked up a hitchhiker. He was so happy running up to the bus knowing he had a ride but he was quickly overcome with amazement when he saw Melkie open the door.  He happened to be heading to Bathurst.  On the way he told us some of the history of Bathurst and of the Brunswick Mines.  In 1953 they discovered the underground wealth of zinc, lead and copper.  By 1964 they had opened the Brunswick Mines mining lead and zinc but the most valuable was never mined. They closed the mine in 2013. Now I don't know if this next part is true but he told us that the next guy who bought the mine filled it with garbage. He used the mine shafts and the silos to store as much garbage as he could. Soon the local water was contaminated.  Wow! What a story! I really hope this isn't true! When we arrived in Bathurst we saw them demolishing the silos. We decided to stay the night here we just wont't drink the water!


This morning we headed to Pictou where we  followed the coastline up to New Brunswick. After following the coastline for most of the day we ended up at Kouchibouguac National Park. What a nice place to stop! Cooper and I met a man with a wooden leg named Alvin.  He had spent his whole life there in the park. He started sharing stories with us about the area and about an older man named Jackie Voutour. For an interesting read look at this:
We sat and listened while Alvin fished and told us more stories.  After he caught his limit we parted.  We decided to drive into the park a little farther and found a government dock, where two fishermen needed help.  They were happy to see us but surprised to see two dogs coming to help them.  After giving them a boost we decided to call it a night.

Cabot trail


Still raining but not foggy! It's on to the Cabot Trail along the windy mountain roads.  Despite the weather the landscapes and the ocean views were amazing!  After the Cabot Trail we continued on to the Ceilidh Trail.  The Ceilidh Trail is a little lower to sea level but just as beautiful! Melkie and I decided to go for a swim in the ocean. The water tasted like terrible but it was fun to ride the waves. After our swim we left Cape Breton and ended up in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.
                                                                  Good night!

Wednesday's Pictures!

Monday's Pictures! 


Good Morning! Today we arrived in Cape Breton where we started our day in Baddeck, Nova Scotia! Baddeck is home to Alexander Graham Bell. The museum was a real inspiration to those inventors out there, a real peoples man who cared about the betterment of mankind.  I never realized that his biggest dream was to be able to fly.  After inventing the telephone he went on to design and build some of the first successful flying machines.  You can read more about it here if you are interested:
Near the end of the day we reached the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.  Cooper and I decided to wait it out here for the night.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mothers day pics

Sunday Mothers Day

Waking up over looking the sea is an experience in itself, with the sounds of the waves and the sea shore birds flying overhead waiting for the tide to leave, to redeem there bounty from the sea.
It's very windy today,and time to continue on our route.
It's off to Halifax.
Alexander Keith brewery, yes sounds inviting doesn't it?
This was just another stop well worth it's time to experience.
They have done a fabulous job renovating the old buildings and combining them by adding a roof to make all the buildings seem like a small covered town trapped in its own time.
Melkie and I did the tour of the brewery, learning a lot about Alexander Keith and how they made beer back then and now.
The staff there were very pleasant, they sang old songs and put on a pleasant show, along with offerings of the different types of beer offered by Alexander Keith. They mentioned that this was the first time that they had ever served beer on tap into two dog bowls.....
Hey a dog has got to drink too.
After the tour we decided to head up the middle away from the coast a little to get out of the high winds we we're experiencing.
It's off towards Cape Breton.

pictures from Saturday

                                                                         Whale skull
                                                               Restoring Blue nose 2
                                                                  Peggy*s Cove


Good morning Chester,
It is a beautiful sunny morning, and we are off along the coast again.
Our first stop on the tour was Lunnenburg, a wonderful town, that has been and is till working on restoring all of its historical buildings to its original appearance as it was back in the late 1700's.
Amazing, almost like walking through a movie set, but yet all the people were going about their regular daily routines.
From there it was off to Mahone's Bay. We stopped here for a small tour through town and continued on to our destination , Peggy, s cove.

Peggy's Cove where the sea shore has been molded into smooth flowing mounds of limestone,with a lighthouse standing tall amongst it all.
Many artists from all around the coastal region come here. To try and recapture the beauty of the cove on canvas.
Peggy's Cove, Cooper thought it was named after a women, but actually the story goes like this.
Margret, was a young women who had been ship wrecked in the area.
She had been rescued by some of the local fisherman.
Margret ended up falling in love with one of the men that rescued her.
The man that she fell in love with had the nick name, Peggy.
So there you have a little lesson on Peggy's Cove.

It is so peaceful here that we have decided to stay the night over looking the cove over the ocean, with the sun setting and the full moon rising, everything seems to be all in order and it is time to reflect.
It's a dogs life.....

Friday , the pics

Friday events

Well here we are its morning and it's foggy, we are continuing along the coastline as much as we can. We stopped at Five Island Park and took in some of the wondrous views. From here we decided to cut across through picturesque mountains and ended up in sailors heaven in a small town called Chester. It was such a peaceful town we decided to spend the rest of the day here taking in the sights (the calm waters and a full moon). We walked though a really old cemetery with where we saw headstones dated back to the late 1700's.
 We're tired now, it's time for bed.


We left PEI, re-entered New Brunswick and now we are in Nova Scotia! First we headed down to Parrsboro to the Fundy Geological Museum.
 We arrived there near closing (because Cooper was driving) the people said it was okay to go through and look for free as long as we didn't touch the bones. It was very educational and the displays were well done (even Cooper could understand it).  They had some of the fossils of the oldest dinosaur found in Canada. One of the technicians there showed us a small fossil that she had been working on. If was the bottom jawbone of a very small reptile. After leaving the museum we headed down a windy coastal route and ended up at Cape d'Or. The tide was out so Cooper and I decided to take a walk along the shoreline to see what we could find. We found a lot of interesting stones and I found a piece of a rib bone from a whale. I made Cooper make the same promise to me as he made to the girl at the museum "Don't touch the bones". 
 It's getting late now and we are parked right next to a lighthouse for the night! 
                                                                     Good night!

Wednesday pictures

the Wednesday post..

Good morning! It's a cloudy day and we are off exploring the Central Coastal Drive. The red cliffs along this route were absolutely amazing! We stopped at various lookout points and took in the views. During our tour we stopped in a town called Avonlea where this girl lived, Anne of Green Gables. Here they had recreated a town for a tv show that used to be on. The town is still there for people and dogs to visit. After our visit to Avonlea we headed down the coast some more until we got to Summerside, where we decided to spend the night. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Tuesday's pics


It's early and today we leave Hopewell Rocks.  Magnetic Hill in Moncton, New Brunswick was to be the first stop of the day. Yes the hill where you drive to the bottom and the hill pulls your vehicle back up to the top. Cool! Weird, but cool!  We tried it three times!  But before arriving there we had some technical difficulties.  We ruptured a fuel line and made a few stops at different service centres but the service centres that came shining through and was very helpful and prompt at getting us back on the road was Multi Radiator Services in Moncton. Thanks again for helping us out!  After Magnetic Hill Cooper and I head to PEI where we crossed on the Confederation Bridge.  Ever since then it has rained, no down poured constantly.  Hopefully tomorrow the places we see will look like the brochures sunny with blue skies.
                                                          Till then...

Mondays pics