Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday Mothers Day

Waking up over looking the sea is an experience in itself, with the sounds of the waves and the sea shore birds flying overhead waiting for the tide to leave, to redeem there bounty from the sea.
It's very windy today,and time to continue on our route.
It's off to Halifax.
Alexander Keith brewery, yes sounds inviting doesn't it?
This was just another stop well worth it's time to experience.
They have done a fabulous job renovating the old buildings and combining them by adding a roof to make all the buildings seem like a small covered town trapped in its own time.
Melkie and I did the tour of the brewery, learning a lot about Alexander Keith and how they made beer back then and now.
The staff there were very pleasant, they sang old songs and put on a pleasant show, along with offerings of the different types of beer offered by Alexander Keith. They mentioned that this was the first time that they had ever served beer on tap into two dog bowls.....
Hey a dog has got to drink too.
After the tour we decided to head up the middle away from the coast a little to get out of the high winds we we're experiencing.
It's off towards Cape Breton.

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