Wednesday, May 10, 2017


It's early and today we leave Hopewell Rocks.  Magnetic Hill in Moncton, New Brunswick was to be the first stop of the day. Yes the hill where you drive to the bottom and the hill pulls your vehicle back up to the top. Cool! Weird, but cool!  We tried it three times!  But before arriving there we had some technical difficulties.  We ruptured a fuel line and made a few stops at different service centres but the service centres that came shining through and was very helpful and prompt at getting us back on the road was Multi Radiator Services in Moncton. Thanks again for helping us out!  After Magnetic Hill Cooper and I head to PEI where we crossed on the Confederation Bridge.  Ever since then it has rained, no down poured constantly.  Hopefully tomorrow the places we see will look like the brochures sunny with blue skies.
                                                          Till then...

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