Sunday, April 30, 2017

Friday April 28

Good morning Gatineau National Park.
Melkie and I have just finished a breakfast for champions and it's off to Pink Lake. Pink Lake was named after one of the first families to settle near the lake. Over time it was discovered that this lake was special,
They call this type of lake " Meromictic"  this means that the surface water of the lake will not mix with the deeper water, meaning there is no oxygen at he bottom of the lake. The lake looks blue in the spring and green in the summer.
Gatineau Park has many beautiful trails for all types of interests,biking, hiking, snowshoeing and even horse back trails.
Well it's been approximately 10 km and we have reached Pink Lake.
The weather has been great and the bugs even better. We are on our way back now to Bus Camp.
I think I am speaking for the both of us when I say when we get back we  will be calling it a day.....

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