Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Today we walk on the bottom of the ocean floor, Hopewell Rocks that's where we will start our day!  We walked along the trails of the Hopewell Rocks this morning.  The tide is still in and we will have to wait for the tide to leave before we can walk on the ocean floor.  Every six and half hours the tide will come in or go out, this gives Cooper and I three hours after the tide leaves plus three hours before the tide returns which gave us plenty of time to do this.  We came back around 6 pm after touring the general area and taking in the wonderful sights and checking out some of the trails.  When we were finished our ocean floor tour the waters had already started to rise.  It's starting to get dark anyways so it's back to the bus for a bite to eat and to reflect on the days events. 
                                                                        Till tomorrow...

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