Monday, May 8, 2017


Cooper and I are up, sun is trying to break through and it is not raining.
Today we are continuing down along the coast towards Hopewell Rocks. We probably won't make it all the way today, but it's fun trying.
Along the way we stopped at some small towns nestled in along the coast. Cooper got some pretty good pics of covered bridges and fishing boats, we even stopped for the worlds best sea food chowder.
That was at the bay in St Martin's.
After lunch it was time to walk along the shore to see the Red Rock banks carved out by the sea. Very nice feeling there.
Hey, we are off again. Off to Fundy National Park. The park is closed, but the roads and most of the trails are still open for use.
Wow, this is nice. Beautiful winding roads threw hills and valleys, lookouts over the coast and many places to park and hike.
Cooper mentions, "we should stay the night".
Wake up looking out over the water at Nova Scotia on the other side.
Hey, what else could 2 mutts ask for...
So we are......

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