Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Counting the days...

    Today Cooper has been outside going over the check list to make sure everything is a go. all of our lights seem to be working,solar panels charging, fridge and stove work and all emergency items are packed. Cooper mentioned that we should mention the chain of events in how the Barking Bus all came together.
        Over a year ago, we started with a 16 passenger bus. Up until now we have removed the seats and replaced the interior with storage cabinets, new seating and a pull out double bed. With 560 watts of solar panel on the roof and back up charging from our engine, we have enough energy to power our fridge, lighting and internet with plenty to spare. Our furnace and stove run on propane.
        Over the course of our journey we will reflect back from time to time on the different stages the Barking Bus went through to what it is now.
        So for now i hope you all have a great day, while i clean up some loose ends before we leave.

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