Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Making tracks...

Tuesday April 25

Good morning!

 Melkie and I are all rested up ready to take 1 last spin along the lake shore, chase some chipmunks and head out.We will be heading up Hwy 11 north toward Algonquin park, where will spend the day checking out a few trails.

      As we entered the park we stopped and went to the visitors station to get a map of the park. While there Cooper decided he would take pictures of the flags on the flag poles. One flag of Canada and the Provincial flag, he thinks it would be neat to take the flag photos for every province we enter, hey why not.

      On our way to hardwood lookout a large moose crossed the road right in front of us, sorry didn't make it to the camera.
      After hiking Hardwood Lookout, we continued on to the Loggers Museum. The Museum turned out to be very informative, with a lot of life like displays, and interesting facts about the park and it,s surrounding areas. Algonquin Park with over 2400 lakes and 1200 Km of streams and rivers, makes this a key Eco system to our province.
    I really enjoyed that museum," how about you", Cooper?
For sure, "and I can't believe how those animals just stood there like they never noticed us".
    Well, time to hit the road again. Going to make our way a little closer to Ottawa before dark.
Till tomorrow......

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