Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wednesday 26th April

Good morning!
       Cooper and I are off again. We stayed in a small town last night close to the Ottawa River. We have decided to head across the river into Quebec, where we will follow the river towards Ottawa city.
There's a small road just off Hwy 417, called Storyland Rd. This we will take across the bridge into Quebec. The narrow roads wind through very picturesque landscapes, small towns and vast farmland.
       As we near Ottawa, Cooper and I decide to take a break at Gatineau Park. Some of the park entrances are still closed for through traffic, but hiking and cycling are still welcome. I suck at riding a bike, my tail always gets snagged in the chain, so I guess hiking it is.
 Funny how two dogs can drive across Canada, but can't ride a bike.
 After a couple of hours enjoying the park with its  endless amounts of trails, it's time to make our way to Ottawa.This is where country dogs meet city dogs, and the parking.......well that's a whole blog on its own.
    Just think," If we were paid by the minute for every minute of our life, same as a parking meter, we would all be wealthy"..

.After dinner Melkie and I decided to split up. Melkie was off to Parliament, to check out some protest, and I headed over to Island Park.
After rush hour in the evenings, Ottawa is a nice city to walk through all the streets checking out the unique shops.
As it turns out I ended up down at the Parliament buildings, seems Melkie had fun and took some pictures of his own.
It's such a warm calm night, I think I'll just layback, chew on the bone a bit and think about tomorrow.....

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