Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday, May 1

Well it's morning and it is still raining. It rained so much last night that the river started working its way around the bus. I can't believe that the river levels went up that much over night...crazy.
Off we go to continue our tour along the river to Quebec City.
As we drive both Cooper and I noticed the river was getting wider and much deeper, fields were under water, with white capped waves.....
We also noticed a large number of birds that feed off fish and rodents were lined up along the Hwy, which seemed really weird. Blue Herons, White Herons, Crows and Geese. Wondering why they were all gathered like this made us think, as the river waters rise, small rodent like animals, mice, moles, squirrels, we're all swimming to shore as the fields and forests flooded. This is where the birds had their meal come to them as they waited on what they called shore.
It looked like a line of fishermen along a creek on opening day of Trout season.
As we approached Laval, we decided to stop in and check out the Cosmo Dome. We learned a lot about our solar system and Space travel. They had great exhibits and some were interactive.
Definitely a good way to fluff off a few hours on a rainy day.
Time to leave Laval, and continue towards Quebec City.
"Three Rivers"the sign stated, this looks like a good place to call it a day. Enough travelling for one day in the rain.
                        "Till later".........

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