Monday, May 1, 2017

Sunday, April 30

Good morning everyone!
We have left Chute de Luskville, and are heading back into Hull to pay a visit. There we will refill our water and pick up some supplies.
It has been raining a lot today and it doesn't seem like we will get a lot of outdoor activities in today.
Cooper and I have decided to drive East on 148, and see how far we get. On our way we noticed that the water levels of the Ottawa River
are getting increasingly higher, Quickly.
On our venture on Hwy 148, we stopped in a quaint little town, Montebello. For a small town it has many nice places to eat and a beautiful view of the Ottawa River. We pulled into a marina /park with  nice spots looking out at the river.
With the way the weather is I think we will call it a day and settle down for the evening......

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